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23rd Aotearoa New Zealand Scout Jamboree
30 December 2023 - 7 January 2024 - Mystery Creek, New Zealand


The 23rd Aotearoa New Zealand Scouts Jamboree closed on Saturday, 6 January 2024.


To all who helped organise the Jamboree - Troop Leaders, Leaders, Venturer Active Leaders, JST Members and Staff - BRAVO and many more.


But most importantly, we thank our young people participating, Scouts and Venturer Actives enthusiastically crowded the Jamboree site, making it home for eight nights of adventures and worlds. Thanks, everyone!


You can look for highlights on this website of the adventures and the worlds explored at the Jamboree.


See you all at the next Jamboree, somewhere in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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