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Time to Plan - 2022 version 1

Jamboree Troop Planning

To assist in your planning, This document is designed to help new and experienced Troop Leaders in the early coordination of all your project planning.

Note 1 - Venturer active

Venturer Active Description

Details and launch of the Venturer active from Aug 2022.

Newsletter - June 2022

News update

First newsletter, covers Dates, Location and Eligibility for Jamboree


Scout Eligibility

Age and Eligibility

Scout youth eligibility policy for the 23rd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Scout Transition Policy - 038

Age and Eligibility

Scouts NZ Transition Policy for youth movement between sections

22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree - Thank You Video Clip

Youtube Video

New Zealand Scout Jamboree - Youtube - We did this together - Thank You - 22nd NZ Scout Jamboree

Masterclass 1 - Nov 2022

Slideshow Presentation

Get up to speed with launching Jamboree in your troop - and where to find resources

Resources: Files
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