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Jamboree Leaders' Resources

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Jamboree Information Guide - for Troop Leaders and Staff 

This Guide is presented and arranged in a modularised structure to help with the accessibility of information. In the lead-up to the Jamboree, each section will be reviewed and updated. To ensure the latest information, please refer to the version authority at the bottom of each section page.

Section 1 - Introduction, Troop, Staff and General

Section 2 - Jamboree Adventure

Section 3 Jamboree Health, Emotion and Wellbeing

Section 4 - First Aid and Jamboree Medical Centre

Section 5 - Safety and Risk

Section 6 - Gas

Section 7 - Emergency

Section 8 - Security

Section 9 - Traffic Management

Section 10 - Communications

Section 11 - Catering

Section 12 - Troop Organisation

Section 13 - Campsites, Tents and Marquees

Section 14 - Camp Hygiene

Section 15 - Gateways, Flagpoles, Fences and Other Structures

Section 16 - Utilities and Services

Educational Outcomes Resource Guide

Extra Leaders Resources

Available for Download

Scout Eligibility

Age and Eligibility

Scout youth eligibility policy for the 23rd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Scout Transition Policy - 038

Age and Eligibility

Scouts NZ Transition Policy for youth movement between sections

Time to plan document

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