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Jamboree Notes

Available for Download

Note 1 - Venturer active

Venturer Active Description

Details and launch of the Venturer active from August 2022.

Note 2 - Sleeping in Marques​​

Sleeping arrangements for Marques

Information on Scouts policy for sleeping arrangements

Note 3 - Flying to Jamboree​​

Group travel arrangements for those planning to fly into Hamilton or Auckland and return.

Information on group travel flight packages

Note 5 - Troop Names

Choosing a troop name and registration information

Information on choosing a group name

Note 7 - Containers with KiwiRail

Transporting Shipping Containers by KiwiRail

Information on Transporting Shipping Containers by KiwiRail

Note 8 - Marquee and Stock Hire for the Jamboree

Hirage information for Marquee and Stock hire

Information regarding Marquee and stock hire deal

Note 9 - Containers

Containers at Jamboree

Policy on containers at Jamboree - Jamboree Note 009

Note 11 - Gateways Flagpoles and Fences

Guide for Gateways, fences and flagpoles at Jambore

Policy on the construction and safety for Gateways, fences and flagpoles

Note 12 - Registration Q&A

General Questions and Answers for the registration system

Tip for the OLEMs registration system

Note 13 - Fee and Payment

Jamboree fee and Payments

Details on the Jamboree fee and payments for all those attending Jamboree

Note 14 - Adventure Staff Roles

Staff descriptions for the Adventure activities

Request for staff to provide skill in the Adventure bases for Jamboree

Note 15 - Medical and Immunisations

Information about the Medical and Immunisation

Medical and Immunisation information use from registrations

Note 16 - Staff Camp Roles

Information about the open position of Staff Camp Manager

Team job advertisement

Note 17 - Jamboree Glossary Terms

Glossary of Terms

Common Terms used at Jamboree

Note 18 - Mobile Phones at Jamboree

Information about Mobile Phones Usage

Mobile Phones Wifi and Policy at Jamboree

Note 19 - Suggested Youth Gear List

Information about Youth Gear List

What gear and clothes are recommended for Jamboree

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